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The Lightning Theif

The Lightning Thief - Rick Riordan

This is a fantastic book, and constantly keeps you on your feet. In this book, the main character Percy Jackson, has a father who is the god of lightning. Percy has always gotten in trouble, so his father banned him from the god world because he wasnt a full god. He then gets sent to a boarding school for delinquents. People around the school find out he's a son of the lightning god, and try to kill him. He is on the run for his life to try to get away from all of these enemies. Can he make it out alive? Can he redeem himself to become a god and live among his godly father? To find out, read the book!!!

The Prey

The Prey - Tom Isbell

I'm reading the book called The Prey by Tom Isbell. I've only read about 15-20 pages, and the parts I have read, we pretty good. So far I've read about kids trying to run away from a camp because of the way they are treated there. They are treated like animals instead of human being. I'll update this blog when I read more about this book.

Diamond Boy

Diamond Boy - Michael Williams

In the story Diamond Boy , The plot of the entire story is in Africa. A kid named Patson, and his father, Baboucar, are in desperate need of money. Patson and his father end up going to the diamond mines in search of "kiraches" (diamonds). Patson ends up wanting to leave the mines because of the harsh conditions these people endure. When Patson gets a chance to leave, a land mine blows his leg clean off. Now Patson and his father, along with some others, are on the run for their lives. They need somewhere to go to get away from everything and everyone and start over. Can they make it out alive? 

Lord of The Flies - Bookblog #9

Lord of the Flies - William Golding

In the story, The Lord of The Flies, children crash from a plane, and land on a island. The Children have to defend for themselves and find food, shelter, and good drinking water. Later on in the story, the children start to break away from civilization, and start to become more like savages. In the process of being savages, the children end up killing two children on the island. At that point, it's every man for himself. They must fight for their lives. Either kill, or be killed.

Last Breath

Last Breath: Cautionary Tales from the Limits of Human Endurance - Peter Stark

In the book, Last Breath, is basically a book with 10 different stories in it talking about peoples experiences with near death, or death situations. One of the stories talks about how a person dies because he has fallen from a rock. The man breaks his bones including his back, his legs and his arms, and he is STRANDED. The stories get really intense, and keep you on your feet at all times. 

Warriors: Power of Three #6 - Sunrise

Warriors: Power of Three #6: Sunrise - Erin Hunter

I am 97% done with this great story. It's not at all action packed towards the end, and i'm just glad to almost be over with it. During the end of the story, Firestar ends up killing the original cat who killed one of the clan cats in the first place. The meaning of "Power of Three", is where basically three cats that were chosen by the star clan, are all apart of a "prophecy". The cats are out on a quest to find their inner powers, and become the strongest cats in the world.

Warriors: Power of Three #6 Sunrise

Warriors: Power of Three #6: Sunrise - Erin Hunter

This blog will basically be a update on the book that i've been reading. I've recently posted about this. The leader of the Fireclan which is Firestar, have been searching for this other cat named Sol. Sol is accused of killing a cat from the same clan. Firestar and 3 others go out to find Sol, and when they do, he doesn't seem to be scared about anything.. He acts like nothing has happened. Firestar brings him back to the clan, and then people want him to be punished for what he has done. Sol won't admit to killing the cat because he didn't do it. No one believes him. What Fire star and the rest of his clan are going to do is find out who killed the cat, and punish him severly. Either by killing him, torturing, or banishment.


Jumper: Griffin's Story - Steven Gould

In the book "Jumper" Griffin finds out he has supernatural powers that allow him to teleport anywhere in the world within a blink of an eye. I really enjoy this book, and it keeps you on your feet at all times. This is a fantastic book to read. Once you open this book up, you won't be able to close it. I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars. Throughout this book you will see how he changes, and how the people around him changes. Officers know about his powers and want to take him to jail for questioning, but he doesn't want that, so he tries to hide the best he can. Griffin ( Main Character), doesn't want to hurt people, but he'll do whatever he has to do in order for him to survive. READ THIS BOOK! 

Warriors: Power Of Three #6

Warriors: Power of Three #6: Sunrise - Erin Hunter

This book is just one of the books in the Warrior Saga. This is a different series compared to the other Warrior books. In the story, Firestar, is the main character in this story. Firestar is the Clan leader, and gives all the others orders.  I really enjoy this book so far. It fills you with suspense, and there is a bunch of action throughout this book already. I HIGHLY recommend this series to readers of all levels. These books teach you about loyalty, friendship, heart, etc. READ THIS BOOK.